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Google has always created new revolutions. His latest update : the “Purchase” button on its shopping pages. What is it for ? How and when will it be introduced? What will be the major improvement for users and companies ? And of course, how can we get ready for this ? 

Wink will provide any useful information you may be looking for.




It has been a week, users can directly buy featured items in their search results.

The global company introduced the new button on July 15, with the motto “Make the world your storefront”.

No need to go on a merchant site, the search engine takes care of any transactions for you.

By now, this yet-to-be-launched function, already called Purchase on Google, has been featured on iOS and Android devices and only in the US. It will come up very soon on many other devices and in other countries by 2016.

Note that  the product page is willing to fit in the graphic design of the selected item. In addition, a search of similar products will also be provided.


purchase button gif

A simulation based on Purchase on Google


What is it going to change ?


Basically, a new form of user experience will rise, in regards to e-commerce.

As far as companies are concerned, collaboration with Google may remain strong, even though companies will have to review their sales strategies once again; as a matter of fact it will be a good idea to focus on SEO and how to rank on Google shopping pages rather than investing in a web display that will be much less visited. 

It may also be an ongoing issue for the brand strategy.

Indeed, when creating your own style, environment values on a website is like a walk in the park, it is far from being the same on a Shopping page.

Despite its very customizable side, the brand will not be as valued as it was on a website.


What does it mean ?


The purchase button might be a way for Google to take over the web.

Facebook follows closely his pioneer, as the social network is currently trying a new solution to allow user to shop directly on their platform.

We see how activities on the web tend to make things easier and standardize their design (the same web display will be proposed for different products, with a slight difference of colours shades) in the process (the platform will be the same and will always work in the same way for any transactions you may opt for) or in the navigation.

We also try to reach an ideal navigation by excluding any kinds of web mediators. The number of clicks before placing order will drastically decrease.

Wink will not miss out on the opportunity to analyze the consequences of this major change.

Meanwhile we kindly advise you to get familiar with this new function on your mobile device.


According to you, is this new function likely to change e-commerce ? How will you get ready for that ?