VRAK is a Quebec television channel that organizes or participates in various events and festivals.

In this context, VRAK asked Wink Stratégies to ensure the cross-channel animation and the smooth logistics of two events: the OhMyFest! festival (2016), dedicated to YouTubers, and the Santa Teresa festival (2017), which the channel attended.


To maximize engagement at both events, Wink Stratégies proposed engaging and targeted activities. After a phase of ideation, animations were set up according to the target audience:

– The 13-18 years for the OhMyFest! festival: the animation included a connected photobooth printing branded pictures, hashtags printed in 3D, masks and emoji panels to use on pictures, stickers with different catch phrases of present YouTubeurs, etc.

– The 16-25 years for the Santa Teresa festival: the animation included a stand in the spirit of a “beauty lounge” with a barber space, a “chill” space with sofas, a custom Snapchat filter, etc.

The animation on the field of the two events was particularly aimed at a young and connected public, accustomed to take pictures and broadcast them on social media.


It was then necessary to pay attention to the good implementation of the project.

For both festivals, we took care of all the logistics and operational aspects of the event:

– Recruitment and training of the on-site animation team,

– Purchase or rental of equipment,

– Graphic design and printing of decorations,

– Installation and uninstallation,

– Contingency management, etc.