Interligne is a first response centre that provides help and information to people of sexual orientation and gender diversity.

Interligne wanted to relaunch their helpline which also records acts of violence, so they contacted Wink Strategies to give the platform a new identity.


In order to help Interligne with the design of a strong and stand-out identity for its helpline, Wink Strategies developed various graphics, with the primary aim of representing the inclusivity of the service made available to victims.

The agency created a brand identity for Interligne’s new service:

– The name: Alix, a name that suits all genders, short, memorable and gives humanizes the platform

– The slogan: Review, support, action, to communicate the goals of the platform

– A logo and graphic style guide based on Interligne’s existing guide, which symbolizes inclusivity by using overlaid circles

– Design of a dedicated website: