"Nous, proches aidants" Campaign

Caregivers of older adults are over one million in Quebec. This role brings a multitude of different realities: geographical, socio-demographic, journeys, nature of aid …

In 2016, to raise awareness about the role of a caregiver and about the women and men who are caregivers, Wink Stratégies was asked by l’Appui to design a campaign, to be unveiled in October during the National Caregiver Week.


In coherence with the communication axes established in the 2016-2018 plan, we devised a web documentary concept, featuring testimonials from caregivers and professionals who discuss their background and role. The goal was to raise awareness among the general public about the resources available to caregivers and increase the notoriety of l’Appui.

The emotional component makes it easy to relate to the cause and thus communicate information in a more natural way. The participative aspect is at the heart of the project: the caregivers are invited to share their testimonials to paint the picture of caregiving in Quebec.


We took care of all the content production of “Nous, proches aidants”:

– Creating the identity of the campaign,

– Casting and shooting video capsules with a renowned director and producer,

– Collection and treatment of hundreds of testimonials from caregivers,

– Design of the web platform and visual content surrounding the campaign …

With a tight deadline, the “Nous, proches aidants” campaign was launched in time for the National Caregiver Week in October 2016.


The dissemination of the campaign, at the end of 2016 and in 2017, took place on various communication channels:

– On social media, through community management with content about the campaign, but also through advertising. On Facebook, nearly 3.5 million people were reached, and more than 35,000 commitments (like, comment or sharing).

– On television, with a regional broadcast of spots from the web documentary’s testimonials web documentary.

– Through public relations, both with the press and by setting up collaborations with influencers who relayed the campaign.

– With promotional material, including the production of postcards “Nous, proches aidants.”