"Du soutien à portée de main" Campaign

Several services exist to help caregivers for the elderly, these men and women help to care for their close-ones when they lose their independence. Too often forgotten, these services don’t find their way to the very people who need them.

In 2018, L’Appui reached out to Wink Strategies to create a national communication campaign, with the aim of increasing the access to services aimed at caregivers for the elderly, to help improve their day to day lives. In 2019 the second stage of the campaign was launched.  


In order to increase access to services for caregivers for the elderly, and to maintain the messaging of the 2016-2018 plan, Wink Strategies created several different advertising concepts. Following a consultation period with a focus group of caregivers, the chosen concept was to show the caregiver/care-receiver relationship and their experience with access to these services. 

The concept of bringing on board an ambassador to spread the campaign message was also invoked as a way to get the message across as effectively as possible. Once the strategy for “A Nearby Helping Hand” had been defined, Wink Strategies managed the entirety of the strategic and operational planning and the second stage in 2019.


Wink Strategies managed the whole of the content production process for the campaign:

– Casting for the caregiver/care-receiver pairs,

– Recruitment of the campaign ambassadors (Rebecca Makonnen in 2018 and Marie-Claude Barrette in 2019),

– Filming of clips with a video production team

– Post-production of the video clips and creation of promotional tools for the campaign.


The “Du soutien à portée de main” campaign ran in October-November 2018, then in October-November 2019 on different communication channels:

The “Support at your fingertips” campaign was broadcast in October-November 2018, then in October-November 2019 on various communication channels:

On television, with planning and buying media spots on Quebec’s largest networks,

On the Web, with planning and buying online media advertising on YouTube, on targeted sites and on Facebook,

Through public relations, with references both in the press and on television shows, especially with the ambassadors,

With printed material, in the press, on urban property and on city buses.